Zildjian are the pioneers of modern cymbal making with a heritage going back to Turkey 1618 and have a claim to being one of the world’s oldest companies.

But Zildjian aren’t just old, they are the most recognisable brand of cymbal, with a massive range both here and glimmering on the shelves and rooms at Mega Music stores. That means a Zildjian cymbal is going to be of the very best quality no matter what your playing style or budget.

And remember that Zildjian fronts up admirably in the world of percussion, marching and school bands as well.

Whether K Zildjian Custom or Constantinople, Kerope or anything involving the letter Z, the Zildjian legend continues at Mega Music and we invite you to be part of it.

Just as countless music legends are.

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Zildjian 10 Inch A Custom Splash Cymbal Brilliant

Zildjian 10 inch A Custom Splash Brilliant

Zildjian 10 Inch EFX Splash Cymbal

Zildjian 10 inch EFX Splash

Zildjian 10 Inch K Custom Special Dry Splash Cymbal

Zildjian K Custom Special Dry cymbals are designed to be dry, raw with a dark sound and fast decay. This makes them highly responsive to the modern or technical player. They do all this while retaining the style of an old Zildjian, crafted over the centuries. Special Dry are making waves at the moment, talk to Mega Music about why.

Zildjian 10 inch Oriental China Trash

Zildjian 10 inch Oriental China Trash

Zildjian 10 Inch ZBT Splash Cymbal

Zildjian 10 inch ZBT Splash

Zildjian 10 Inch ZHT Splash Cymbal

Zildjian 10 inch ZHT Splash